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Wood Trusses
Serving Florida
The Bahamas
The Caribbean
And the World
We work alongside Architects and Engineers to ensure that your job is done right.
We treat every job like it was our very own.
Anyone who has ever seen wood trusses knows that they are made of steel and lumber, but few are aware of the importance of the engineering which is the third and most critical component that goes into wood truss fabrication. Best truss ensures customer satisfaction through our use of the highest quality lumber and steel plates as well as the continuous improvement of our designers.
Best Truss uses only graded stamped southern yellow pine lumber for the fabrication of our roof and floor trusses. Our lumber supply is inspected monthly by representatives of the SPIB (Southern Pine Inspection Bureau) who visit our facility in order to help ensure the quality of our raw materials.
Steel Plates
Best Truss uses the best quality steel plates available in the manufacturing of our wood trusses. We use Mitek Plates. Mitek plates are approved by the TPI (Truss Plate Institute) and are regarded as the industry's highest quality plates.
The expertise of our design staff is a distinct advantage that Best Truss enjoys when compared to other truss manufacturers. We use Mitek Software to design our trusses, and continuously improve our designers through continuous education and recruiting. 
Our trusses are designed to work not only for the owner, contractor, and architect, but also to facilitate the job of the framer. We supply the customer with engineering showing all the trusses and uplifts with an 18" x 24" or 24" x 36" layout of the trusses. This engineering is signed and sealed by an independent professional engineering consultant. Our designers are as committed to customer satisfaction as our salespersons, management and production personnel are.
Tony Sierra
Head Truss Designer
Serving Florida
The Bahamas
The Caribbean
And the World
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